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Restaurant Point of Sale System

Point of Sale

Restaurant POS System

Aside from being a point of sale system for retail and grocery stores, Polar POS is also able to support restaurants and has its own hospitality features. Features such as table management, product modifiers, eCommerce integration for online ordering, delivery management and many more. It is possible to utilize Polar POS for retail functionality as well in addition to the restaurant on the same network and manage both seamlessly. We provide a number of all in one systems, all differ in various specifications in order to meet the different needs of the business such as compact to large screen all in one systems.

Select POS System Features

Grocery Point of Sale

  • Tablet Support

    Quickly take orders, manage tables and process payments through the use of tablets that utilize secure wireless communication. We provide custom tablets that are very competitively priced and follow the latest PCI-DSS standards.

  • Online Orders

    Allow customers to place orders online and come over to pick up the order directly from your own website. Polar POS provides eCommerce integration, without the use of third party bridge software, thus our clients are able to use the free WooCommerce eCommerce platform to process the orders.

  • Customer Pager

    Page customers when their orders are ready through radio transmission pager units, that buzz when the order is ready for pickup. Cooks can easily select which orders are ready for pickup through our revolutionary kitchen display module.