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security camera systems

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Security Camera Systems

Our Video Surveillance Solutions

We manufacture, install & service high definition and reliable video surveillance systems that are trusted by thousands of businesses for their security. When it comes to security cameras, we are dedicated to providing the best hardware that will provide clear and high resolution images to the business owner. The digital video recording devices we build are all PC-Based, operate on Linux operating system and are easily upgradable and scalable. Easily add storage, upgrade processor and security cameras.

Before providing a quote, we gather the number of cameras that a business would need and we quote hardware that can support additional cameras to be added in later. All of our quotes come with backup batteries, line conditioners & installation labor.

  • Quick Installation

    We pride in providing rapid deployment and installation services, our camera and system installation is one of the quickest in the industry.

  • Reliable Hardware

    Having reliable hardware is just as important as having quality security cameras. Without a well-built DVR unit, the cameras become useless, that is why we build solutions that will meet all the current needs and can easily be scaled to support additional cameras.

  • Great Software

    The software used to record & manage the security cameras is easy to use, allows for mobile camera viewing, easily view recorded footage & integrate with Polar POS, point of sale system.

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